The Sarakinov family

The family is named after the village of Sarakinovo, Voden region. The first known member of the family is Dimitar (Mitre), who had three sons – Angel, Petar, and for the little one there is no information. Angel was the famous Angel Gatso (Άγγελος Γάτσος or Αγγελής Γάτσος, 1771-1839), a participant in the Greek War of Independence (1821-1830), who became a colonel in the Greek Liberation Army. Due to his merits for the liberation of Greece in the village of Aridea (Αριδαία) his monument was placed and one of the streets was named after him.

Angel Gatso had five daughters and two sons – Nikola and Mitso. Nikola was known to be imprisoned along with his mother Proya, and his sisters, in an Ottoman prison after the capture of Negush (Naousa) by the Ottoman army in 1822. They were released in 1830 thanks to the intervention of the Greek government, and Nikola was sent to obtain military education in Monaco. Military career was also chosen by his brother Mitso, who, along with his father, participated in the liberation struggles of the Greeks and reached the rank of lieutenant general in the Greek army.

Gatso Sarakinche was a grandson of Angel Gatso, born in the village of Sarakinovo, probably in the 1860s. He moved to Voden, where together with three friends he created a company that sold wholesale wood in Thessaloniki, and supplied Voden and the surrounding area with colonial goods. His business went well and in 1892 Gatso Sarakinche participated in the International Fair in Plovdiv. He was the head of the Bulgarian church community in Voden, but he died early, barely 40 years old. Gatso Sarakinche had six children (three sons and three daughters). One of them was Gheorghi Gatsev Sarakinov.

Probably there is a connection between the family and Theofilos Gatsos (1930-2012), a former mayor of Aridea and a member of the Greek Parliament.
In the picture: Angel Gatso's monument in the village of Aridea, Greece.