About the Project

The Project Idea


The aim of the project is to broaden, preserve and disseminate the remembrance of the historical, cultural and economic presence of the Bulgarians in Thessaloniki.

The objectives we embrace for the achievement of our general goal are:

  • To create new knowledge about the Bulgarian presence in Thessaloniki during the 19th and 20th centuries through discovering and analysis of unknown documents and data on the issue.
  • The personification of the historical narration by including personal, family and kin stories of Bulgarians which are related to Thessaloniki into the grand narrative of the history of Bulgaria and the Bulgarians during the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • To explore the current Bulgarian community in Thessaloniki and to establish links between it and the Bulgarian initiatives in the city.
  • To elaborate an appropriate model for a continuing registration and classification of the vast and scattered amount of evidence on the Bulgarian historical presence in Thessaloniki and the application of the model for the research of other Bulgarian communities outside the borders of Bulgaria.
  • To ensure free access to the collected, digitalized and classified documents and data envisaged in this project by including them in the national e-infrastructure CLaDA-BG. The projected site will allow a feed-back from the antecessors of the Bulgarians from Thessaloniki as well as from institutions, companies and people who develop economic and cultural activities in the city.