Our Team

Yura Konstantinova
Yura KonstantinovaCoordinator of the research team
Associate professor at the Institute of Balkan Studies with Centre of Thracology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Her main research interests focus on history of Modern Greece, the Bulgarian-Greek relations during the 19th -20th centuries, the Bulgarian community in Thessaloniki, social history, elites. See more: http://junic8.wixsite.com/yurakonstantinova
Nadia Danova, Professor, Dr.
Nadia Danova, Professor, Dr.Team member
Honoris Causa of the University of Athens, is a prominent Bulgarian scholar dealing with the problems of contemporary Greece. She is famous for her undoubted expertise in investigating and publishing of foreign language sources. Her research interests focus on Identities and nationalism in the Balkans, Books history, Sources for the Balkan history, History of the childhood. See more: http://nadiapriateli.wixsite.com/personal
Raia Zaimova, Professor
Raia Zaimova, ProfessorTeam member
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Balkan Studies&Centre of Thracology. Research fields: History of Ideas in Modern Europe; Primary Sources and Archives; Imagology. See more: https://rzaimova.wordpress.com/
Roumiana Ilieva Preshlenova
Roumiana Ilieva PreshlenovaTeam member
Professor at the Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology of BAS and lecturer at the Faculty of History of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. Her research interests focus on modernization and identities in the Balkans, relations between Southeast and Central Europe, education and nationalisms but are not limited to them.
Tina Georgieva
Tina GeorgievaTeam member
Associate Professor in Modern History - Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski”, Faculty of History. Major Fields of Scientific Research: Historical research on the main trends in the Russian foreign policy and Russian political thought in the 19th and the early 20th century. National and messianic ideas in Russian empire, Slavophilism, Eurasia, pan Slavism, Orthodox church.
Yordan Zhelev
Yordan ZhelevTeam member
Working in Central State Archives. He graduated from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Faculty of History and in 2005 obtained PhD degree there. His main research interests are in History of Bulgaria during the Period of the National Revival, Bulgarian Genealogy, Historiography and Bulgarian Chronically Tradition, Documental Sources and Archeography. See more: http://www.gate.cas.bg/user.php?id=133&local_lang=2
Malamir Spasov, PhD
Malamir Spasov, PhDTeam member
Assistant Рrofessor at the Cultural history of Balkan Nations Department - Institute for Balkan Studies (BAS), studies the cultural history of Southeast Europe, projected upon the world history of ideas, centered in modernity, 20-th century and modernistic prose. See more: https://balkanstudies.academia.edu/MalamirSpasov
Evgenia Troeva
Evgenia TroevaTeam member
Associate professor and head of the Department of Historical Ethnology at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum – BAS. Her research focuses on issues of religiosity, cultural and historical heritage and memory, identities, ethno-cultural interactions. She is author of the books “The Demons of the Rhodopes“, “Religion, Memory, Identity: Muslim Bulgarians“ and co-author of the monograph “Forced labor in Bulgaria (1941-1962). Memories of witnesses/ Zwangsarbeit in Bulgarien (1941-1962). Erinnerungen von Zeitzeugen“.
Gergana Doncheva, PhD
Gergana Doncheva, PhDTeam member
Assistant Professor at the Institute for Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She graduated from Sofia University (Bulgaria) and holds M.A. degrees in Cultural Studies and in Political Science. The focus of her main professional interests is Balkan film and culture, memory of socialism constructed in movies, e/immigrations and identities in cinema.
Ivaylo Nachev, PhD
Ivaylo Nachev, PhDTeam member
Assistant Рrofessor at the Institute for Balkan Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. His latest major publication (co-author) is the monograph Sofia and the Balkan modernity (published in Bulgarian). His main research interests are in urban history and history of science and technology (personal profile in research network Academia.edu: https://balkanstudies.academia.edu/IvayloNachev)
Elmira Vassileva, PhD
Elmira Vassileva, PhDTeam member
Assistant Рrofessor at the Institute for Balkan Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Interested in: Catholic missions in South-Eastern Europe, 17th-18th c., the activities of the Franciscan Order in Bosnia and in Bulgaria.
Georgi Dikin
Georgi DikinTeam member
PhD student at the Institute of Balkan Studies with Center for Thracology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He graduated in Balkan Studies at “Paisii Hilendarski” University in 2016. Participant in the program THYESPA of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2014. Participant in the Erasmus + program at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2015. His main scientific interests include the refugee waves between Bulgaria and Greece in the interwar period, ethnic minorities, Bulgarian-Greek relations.
Varban Todorov
Varban TodorovAssociate
Аssociate Рrofessor, expert in Archive State Agency. His main research interests are in Modern and Post-Modern history of the Balkans; History of ideas and political development of the Balkan nations and states in the 19th-20th century; National, religious, etc. minority problems, Archives and documents regarding Balkan history in modern times.
Zdravka Mihaylova
Zdravka MihaylovaAssociate
Literary translator from Greek into Bulgarian, author and a contributor to various Bulgarian and Greek media. She has translated more than forty books from Greek into Bulgarian: poetry, novels, short stories, essays etc. In 2010 she was awarded the State Prize of Greece for translation of Greek literary work into a foreign language, specifically Yannis Ritsos' poetry anthology Scriptures of the All Seeing One (Stigmati Publishers, Sofia 2009).
Vlasis Vlasidis
Vlasis VlasidisAssociate
Assistant Рrofessor at the Department for Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies, University of Macedonia, Greece. He is specialized in Contemporary History, Political Communication and Mass Media in the Balkans. His main research interests are History of the Balkans, Macedonian issue, First World War History, Propaganda, Cold War, Cold War Propaganda, Cultural Industries, Migration and Military cemeteries.
Margarita Dobreva, PhD
Margarita Dobreva, PhDAssociate
Assistant Рrofessor at the Institute for Balkan Studies with Centre of Thracology. Graduading as an Ottomanist from Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohrisdki" in July 1999. Her research interests focus on the modernization of the Balkans and Middle East, the transfer of ideas and knowlegde from Western Europe to the Orient.