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Type: Photo

From: Elena Atanasova Mangarova

About: Photo of Elena Atanasova Mangarova and her friends in front of the Bayatov's house, which was next to her father's home in Thessaloniki

Date: 1934 

Source: ЦДА, ф. 771К, оп. 1, а.е. 220, л. 1.


Вид: Списък

Относно: отците, възпитаници на Българската католическа семинария в Зейтинлика, Солун

Година: 1927 

Хранилище: Archives de la Congrégation de la Mission en Macédoine, Administration de la Congrégation de Macédoine Paroisse de Thessalonique, Saint-Siège

Type: Letter

From: J. H. House to J. L. Barton

Regarding: American missionaries in Thessaloniki J. H. House, Mr. Clarke and Mr. Cooper were arrested by Greek General in command of the Allies in that time, being accused that they were engaged in a Bulgarian propaganda and of harboring spies. J. H. House declared that teaching of Bulgarian had been removed from the American Farm School’s program long ago. Bulgarian language was used in religious services because they had many Macedonian Bulgarian servants and workers who were Protestants.

Date: 22 February 1919

Source: The American Farm School Archives - 1.B.1c Haskell, Edward, Papers

Вид: Диплома

От: Висш съвет за древни и изящни изкуства към Министерството на образованието на Италия

Относно: правото на Драган Д. Тъпков да преподава архитектурен дизайн

Дата: 9 март 1915 г.

Източник: семеен архив Тъпкови и Рая Заимова

Type: Letter

From: J. H. House to L. H. Wood

Regarding: the critical condition of the American Farm School in Thessaloniki because new teacher and students have to be found; they hope to have some Greek pupils, as well as new Bulgarian pupils if they are allowed to come to the school; multitude of Greek refugees from Turkish Trace have been coming to Thessaloniki and they are being put in the houses of the Bulgarians and Turks, who have been compelled to flee.

Date: 25 May 1914

Source: The American Farm School Archives - 1.B.1 Directors and Presidents. John Henry House. Box 1

Type: Letter

From/ to: from J. H. House to L. H. Beers

Regarding: the situation in Thessaloniki and in the American Farm School by the end of the Balkan Wars; most of the students are from territories in Serbia and Bulgaria and because of the uncertainty of the free passage of the boundaries with Greece, they will probably not come; a map of the new boundaries in the Balkans is attached.

Date: 16 September 1913

Source: The American Farm School Archives - 1.B.1 Directors and Presidents. John Henry House. Box 1

Вид: Снимка на братята Драган и Кирил Тъпкови

Относно: Драган и Кирил Тъпкови заедно с отец от конгрегацията „Братя на християнските училища“, Солун  

Година: 24 юли 1912 г. 

Източник: Личен архив на Тъпкови и Рая Заимова

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