Bilateral meetings and international fora

На 6 септември 2017 г. в Кавала премиерът на България Бойко Борисов и премиерът на Гърция Алексис Ципрас присъстваха на подписването на меморандум за разбирателство между двете страни за развитие на железопътната връзка "Солун-Кавала-Александруполис-Бургас-Варна-Русе".

Type: protocol

From: session of the Council of Ministers

Regarding: acceptance of the protocol of the 13th session of the Bulgarian-Greek Commission for Economic Cooperation signed in Sofia on 12 November 1987 and the activities for implementation of the agreements and  protocol of the 13th conference of the Bulgarian-Greek Commission for tourism signed in Sofia on 16 November 1987 November 1987 

Year: 11 December 1987

Source: ЦДА, ф. 136, оп. 80, а.е. 384, л. 1.


Type: Letter from S. Korombili 

To: the mayor of Thessaloniki and the City Council of Thessaloniki

Regarding: week of Greek-Bulgarian Cultural Exchange between Thessaloniki and Plovdiv 

Year: 8 July 1983

Source: ЦДА, ф. 405, оп. 10, а.е. 494, л. 23-25.

  • S. Korombili, Secretary General of the All-Greek Cultural Movement, Branch Office Thessaloniki, proposes to organise the event within the firendship between the two brotherly towns. 
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