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The Bulgarians in ottoman Salonica

The monograph by Yura Konstantinova, The Bulgarians in the Ottoman Salonica, IBST, 2020 is the first comprehensive study of the participation of the Bulgarians in the political, economic and social life of the Ottoman Salonica. The text is organized thematically, and the themes are treated chronologically as far as possible. Chapter 1 deals mainly with the demographics of the Bulgarian community in Salonica, its organization and social life. Chapter 2 is devoted to the Bulgarian education in the city and presents both the education in primary and secondary schools, as well as the participation of Bulgarians in non-Bulgarian educational institutions. Chapter 3 deals with the Bulgarian participation in the public and political life of Salonica. Emphasis is put on the place and importance of the Bulgarian appearances in relation to the initiatives of other religious and national groups in the city. The last paragraph examines the Bulgarian conception of Salonica and its place in the collective and historical memory of our nation.

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