Sarakinov, Gheorghi Gatsev

Sarakinov, Gheorghi Gatsev (1887-1971) was born in the village of Sarakinovo, Voden region. In 1903 he graduated from Thessaloniki Male High School (commercial courses) and was sent by his father to study in Leipzig. He returned to Thessaloniki and for the next six years until 1913, he taught at the Thessaloniki Male High School “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”. A member of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, one of the founders of the Union of Bulgarian Constitutional Clubs in the Ottoman Empire, member of the Union of Macedonian Charity Brotherhoods in Bulgaria. After the Second Balkan War he settled in Bourgas, where he worked for the American company “Standard Oil” for 25 years. He participated in the First World War. During the Second World War he was sent by the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense to take care of the interests of the Bulgarians in Voden, but he was expelled because of a conflict with the German occupation authorities.
In the photograph: G. Sarakinov (in the first row, the first from the left) among teachers from the Thessaloniki Bulgarian Male High School. Thessaloniki 1907/1908 BHA of NLCM C VIII 8

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