The Kyulyumov family

The Kyulyumov family originates from Štip. The first known representative of the family was Mihail (Mishe) Poptemelkov Kyulyumov (1845-1905), who had a colonial goods store and a hardware store in the city. Mihail Kyulyumov had four children – Konstantinka, Elena, Pancho and Petar. His grandchildren were Yosif Andonov (Mayor of Kumanovo), Yurdan Gyurkov (member of IMRO, officer of the Bulgarian army), Boyka Kyulyumova (graduated from the Pedagogical High School in Sofia), Todor Kyulyumov (1899-1919), Boris Kyulyumov (graduated from trade and finance courses in Leipzig, a participant in the political life of Macedonia), Mihail Kyulyumov (merchant).
In the picture: Mihail Kyulyumov (seated) with his sons Pancho and Petar, and the family of Pancho Kyulyumov. Thessaloniki, 1905 BHA of NLCM C IV 520